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Our Internet Topology® is a fundamentally new way to target display ads on desktop and mobile pages. It’s better than keywords and page ranking. It’s better than cookie retargeting for reach and privacy. It makes RTB inventory perform up to 500% better.

  • Find the best placements for your ads, anywhere
  • Avoid fraud, junk, and clicks that don’t perform
  • Filter out content inappropriate for your brand
  • Drive down effective cost per acquisition

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How it Works
Nikon is launching a new camera and wants to advertise on relevant channels to spread awareness. To get the most leads from online marketing, they use A6 to identify where they should be advertising. A6 pinpoints the most effective web pages in 3 steps.
Of the billions of pages, every page is about at least one topic, often several topics, and there are thousands of topics. A6 finds the pages that have something to do with digital cameras. We call these topics Realms.
Nikon wants to advertise on only the better sites within the realm of digital cameras, avoiding the poor quality and fraudulent sites. Using both the web graph and the social graph, A6 measures and ranks every page in the realm by its ability to influence attitudes, beliefs, and actions. We call this Magnitude.
Pages outside of the digital camera realm can have influence on the pages in the digital camera realm. A6 finds these other pages and gives Nikon more relevant places to advertise. We call this ability to find additional pages Affinity.
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Relationships = Ranking = Find Good + Avoid Bad

By analyzing the relationships across pages and people online, the Internet Topology scores and ranks pages to target the good pages and avoid the bad.

Advertisers using A6 data on AppNexus inventory are getting acquisitions at one-third the cost of the same campaigns on Google’s Display Network, and even better results when compared to traditional contextual targeting providers.

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Make AppNexus RTB Inventory Perform Like Premium!

You don’t have to wait for the A6 Marketplace. If you are running campaigns today on AppNexus you can use our data today for radically better performance.

  • Create custom segments using our free, easy-to-use web app
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